Friday, 31 August 2012


It all actually did been on a dark and stormy night. I (Ameena) was steeling myself to walk back home from Mark's flat ... Before I had stepped into the horrifying rain and wind, Mark had been (hopefully) joking about someone putting a person in a bin.

Being a Class 'A' scaredy cat and annoyingly polite lady I asked nicely if he would be so kind as to refrain from subjecting me to such oddities. He agreed to do so, but little did I know he was biding his time, waiting till I was out in the afore mentioned unfriendly weather to send me the following rhyme:

So very pretty
So very cute
Let's see how you look
Going down a bin chute
Don't refuse my advances
For I'm sure you'll agree
Love is much stronger
When you're dumped out to sea

Such a rhyme obviously deserved a fitting response and respond I did:

Alas your love
I cannot but refuse
For there is no love
Being pushed down a bin chute
I'm now out at sea
Where the tide is rough
My like your love
(Our relationship's tough)
I cannot blame you
I am at fault
I should have listened
When my mother said, "Halt!"
But naturally I insisted
To stand out on the the curb
This poor girl once for sail
Is now only good for
Around the world

Now, if you knew Mark, you could be sure that somewhere in his dangerous brain, an idea was slowly but surely hatching...


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