Friday, 2 November 2012

'Love is Skin Creep'

That's right, you swines, we have a brand new rhyme up for reading. Remember to pop along and like our Facebook page if you haven't already done so.

All the best,

Swines x

'Love is Skin Creep'
She was terribly disgusted and called it a sin,
My 'morbid fixation' with picking her skin.
Viruses, fungi, infections and bugs,
Wildly scoffed her epithelium drugs.
The body amazed me - a living Noah's Ark.
A 24 hour skin safari park.

I needed more time and there was much left to peel,
But every time I touched her she'd let out a squeal.
In this state of upset,
she would never have complied,
But three whacks with a mallet and she'd certainly abide.

The silence turned thick like the scent of a grave,
Now I could work for days upon days,
I'll keep going at it, as long as it takes,
to alphabetise and name all of her flakes.

Thursday, 1 November 2012

'Doodles for Dough' Entries Are Now In!

For our first competition, we asked people to submit doodles inspired by the name of our project. We had a range of awesomely creative responses. A huge thanks to all those who took part.

The entry with the most votes by Sunday 4th at 8pm will win £50 Amazon Vouchers, so please skip along to:

and cast your vote!

Don't forget to like the page and share it with other potential swines :)

Love Swines x

Wednesday, 24 October 2012

Creature Feature!

The lovely folks over at Creaturemag: have ran a feature on 'Rhymes for Swines'. Pop across and check it out along with the gazillions of other fantastic artwork within.

Remember to also like us on Facebook so you can take part in our competition to win £50 of Amazon vouchers. Get involved.

Love Swines x

Thursday, 18 October 2012

Brand New Rhyme

Here's another hot new rhyme. I've yet to pick the title, as I don't want to give the actual premise of the rhyme away just yet. See if you can guess what it is ;)

Untitled #2

Your static state drives me insane,
As I wipe dead flies from your cold, battered frame.
Such a beautiful fresh model – once lustered and noted
Will anyone love you now that you’re totalled?
Oh, don’t you worry, you’ll find me quite doting
Just please don’t seize up as I prise you wide open.

I can feel there’s little room to manoeuvre inside,
And your injuries make for a precarious ride.
But it’s not your fault and you needn't despair
For I find it more fun when you’re in disrepair.

Love Swines x

Wednesday, 17 October 2012

New Rhyme about a Creepy Old Guy.

It's fresh and hot off the .DOC! We don't have a name for it yet, so we're letting you guys come up with a title. Email across your ideas and suggestions. The chosen one will win a wee prize.


This is no country for old men
I’m sure you will agree
When I’m at the Students' Union
At the age of thirty three.

Regardless, I soldier on
With two £1 pound vodkas in my hands,
My body a boozed up vehicle,
Driven fervidly by my glans.

They direct me towards a girl,
Buried deep inside her phone,
I pinball through the freshers
To where she stands alone.

My banter is outrageous
The most desperate of rhetoric
She looks straight on past me,
Her answers - monosyllabic.

They say God loves a trier,
We’ll he’d bloody well love me.
I even opened up the convo with
'comment vas-tu aujourd'hui?'

But I’ve exhausted all the cliches,
And my pick-up lines have fallen short,
So it’s time to roll that five pound note
Then cut some lines to snort.

Love Swines x

Tuesday, 16 October 2012

Things are a Happening!

That's right, people - we're almost a fifth of the way there. We have 4 weeks left to make the golden amount of £2,000. All the folk who have got us this far - we can't thank you enough. If you could continue to help us spread the word it would help us out immensely. Also, if you're an illustrator or a graphic designer interested in the project then drop us a message and we'll follow your blog. We'll be announcing the official call for illustrators soon.

Love Swines x

Rhymes for Swines from Mark Grossi on Vimeo.

Friday, 12 October 2012


As most of you lovely people who follow our Facebook page already know, our video informing the WORLD of our goals has gone live day before yesterday, so! :

-Tell your mothers! (if they have a loose zip on their purses)

-Notify your older siblings (bet they're flashy job pays well these days)

-Whisper sweet nothings to your current lover(s*) (then demand money- never fails)

-Delve deep into pockets (which you may/may not misconstrue to be your own)

*we won't ever judge

All we ask is for you to P.L.E.D.G.E. 


And if you can, spare us some money and help us make this book a reality... 

Click on the link below to see some magic! <3