Sunday, 2 September 2012


The scene was set, rhyme after reprehensible rhyme were being put onto parchment, etched into the fabrics of time and space as we know it for ever more... the power of words would never be underestimated again, the sharpest swords are beguilingly blunt,  desperately dull and therefore immensely ineffective against these amazing collection and arrangement of humble letters from the alphabet..

Now was the time to gather some inspiration and imagery for the book... Mark had some ideas about the look of the book.

Many of you are probably familiar with Tim Burton's : The Melancholy Death of Oyster Boy

For those of you that aren't or would like to reacquaint yourself with Mr Burton's fun-filled drawings, click the link above. 

Mark wanted a similar feel to the illustrations for the book. Now, let's be honest, the style cannot be duplicated in any way possible, but the essence of the drawings was what we would strive for. 

The above three images are from the lustrously talented Ronald Searle. I love his sense of humour, which is so evident in his drawings. 

(images courtesy of google)


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