Thursday, 18 October 2012

Brand New Rhyme

Here's another hot new rhyme. I've yet to pick the title, as I don't want to give the actual premise of the rhyme away just yet. See if you can guess what it is ;)

Untitled #2

Your static state drives me insane,
As I wipe dead flies from your cold, battered frame.
Such a beautiful fresh model – once lustered and noted
Will anyone love you now that you’re totalled?
Oh, don’t you worry, you’ll find me quite doting
Just please don’t seize up as I prise you wide open.

I can feel there’s little room to manoeuvre inside,
And your injuries make for a precarious ride.
But it’s not your fault and you needn't despair
For I find it more fun when you’re in disrepair.

Love Swines x

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