Friday, 2 November 2012

'Love is Skin Creep'

That's right, you swines, we have a brand new rhyme up for reading. Remember to pop along and like our Facebook page if you haven't already done so.

All the best,

Swines x

'Love is Skin Creep'
She was terribly disgusted and called it a sin,
My 'morbid fixation' with picking her skin.
Viruses, fungi, infections and bugs,
Wildly scoffed her epithelium drugs.
The body amazed me - a living Noah's Ark.
A 24 hour skin safari park.

I needed more time and there was much left to peel,
But every time I touched her she'd let out a squeal.
In this state of upset,
she would never have complied,
But three whacks with a mallet and she'd certainly abide.

The silence turned thick like the scent of a grave,
Now I could work for days upon days,
I'll keep going at it, as long as it takes,
to alphabetise and name all of her flakes.

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